Previous Projects

You can read about our completed project work below. If you have any equations about a particular project please contact us.
Call to Mind

A series of reports covering England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland on the mental health needs of vteterans.

The Call to Mind series of reviews were commissioned by Forces in Mind Trust into the mental health needs of veterans and their family members. Click on the links on the left to download the reports.

From Gate to Gate

A report on the review of care pathways for veterans with complex mental health problems.

From Gate to Gate presents the findings from a review commissioned by NHS England into the effectiveness and appropriateness of care pathways for veterans and their family members, when the veteran has complex mental health needs. Click on the link on the left to download the report.

Immigration Removal Centres: Assessment of health and social care needs

This national summary report presents the findings from the reviews of health and social care needs for all 11 Immigration Removal Centres. Click on the link below to download the report.

Assessments of health and social care needs in the criminal justice system

CIE have undertaken over 30 health and social care needs assessments across the criminal justice system including prisons, Sexual Assault Referral centres (SARCs), Young Offender Institutes, Secure Training Centres and Police Custody Suites. Commissioned by regional NHS England teams for offender health, these assessments are not in the public domain. 

Review of the 
Commonwealth Secretariat

CIE staff led the internal review of the operations and services of the Commonwealth Secretariat. Reporing directly to the Secretary General, the review involved a series of staff surveys and interviews:

  • Initial staff survey (163 respondents - 65% of all staff)

  • Interviews (75 one-to-one interviews with staff from across a range of divisions and roles)

  • Follow-up staff survey (204 respondents - 82% of al staff)

  • Foresight Groups - held over 3 days these groups involved 175 staff members)

The Commonwealth Secretariat is a highly complex organisation serving 52 member states of the Commonwealth. The aim of the review was to accurately assess the nature and extent of the changes which would be necessary to maximise the Secretariat's ability to better meet the expectations of the member states with the aim of creating a more efficient, cost-effective and dynamic organisation that is better able to deliver the Commonwealth Charter, the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) mandates, and the Global Sustainable Developments Goals.  It was also essential to examine and offer direction on future financial sustainability, including new sources of funding.  

The review generated nine confidential reports on the review findings and a final high level strategy and recommendations document. Due to the commercial sensitivity and confidential nature of these reports they are not in the public domain.