Gypsy Romany and Traveller communities

CIE have been working in partnership with Gypsylife since 2011 when we jointly reviewed the implementation of the Equality Delivery System for Nottinghamshire PCT.


We have continued to work with and support Gypsylife on a variety of projects related to health, education and most recently offenders.

Review of offender health for GRT communities

CIE and Gypsylife are currently reviewing how the health and social care needs of Gypsy Romany and Traveller offenders are met. Commissioned by NHS England the review includes interviews with members of the GRT community with experience of the criminal justice system, a literature review and interviews with professionals and related stakeholders form across the health and criminal justice sector.

If you would like to know more, or if you are a member of the GRT community with experience of the criminal justice system and would like to share your experiences, in confidence, contact CIE by email:


Gypsylife work in partnership with CIE to provide lived experience programmes for working on health and social care with the GRT community. See their website here:  Gypsylife

Cradle to the Grave

Cradle to the Grave

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Cradle to the Grave - Award winning video

This short but very powerful film, featuring Natalie and Richard Bennett and family from Gypsylife, helps to highlight the difficulties faced by the GRT community accessing health care. With real people from the community and without the use of actors this film brings and delivers a powerful insight into emotions felt and the need for full cooperation and understanding the GRT communities needs when accessing health. With a life expectancy 15 to 20 years less than that of the settled community now is the time to do something about accessibility and delivery methods.

Putting the 'E' into Quality

As part the roll-out of the NHS Equality Delivery System (EDS), Nottinghamshire County and Nottingham PCT cluster commissioned CIE to engage with a range of Black and minority ethnic communities on how the adoption of race equality objectives could support the development of commissioning strategies and the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment for both City and County partners and ensure communities and inclusion is a core value in local NHS commissioning.

Gypsylife worked with CIE on the programme to ensure that the views and experiences of the GRT community were effectively included.