"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful  committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

Margaret Mead

At CIE we do not just help you identify solutions, we help you to implement them. Our team are experts in a variety of fields and all come from a professional background in practice, whether that is management, healthcare, social work, education, criminal justice or research.

We are proud of the many reports we have completed for a wide range of organisations, but our aim is always to effect change. To that end we believe that the process of working with us is as important as the end result. Some of the organisations we have helped to make sustainable, positive change includes:

  • NHS England

  • National Treatment Agency for Substance Misuse

  • Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust

  • Luton Borough Council

Our staff are experts in a variety of organisational change and research methods including:

  • Prince 2 Project Management

  • Soft Systems Methodology (SSM)

  • Critical Discourse Analysis

  • Grounded Theory

Whichever change methods are being used we always have two overarching principles:

  1. The service user journey and involvement is critical to effective change; and

  2. Change doesn't come from theory or reports, it only happens with the active and meaningful involvement of those tasked with carrying it out.

All our work programmes are tailor made for the specific organisation, circumstances and people that are involved. If you wish to discuss the possibility of working with us, without any commitment, please use our contact page or alternatively email Dr Jon Bashford at

Breaking Barriers Innovations

Breaking Barriers Innovations is an independent research programme to inform the radical improvement of public services using locality-driven, joined-up approaches as opposed to top-down driven blueprints.


CIE are part of the BBI programme working to help shape a new core discipline in UK public services – that of place-based commissioning. Place-based or locality commissioners such as Metro Mayors, Police and Crime Commissioners and NHS STP leads are now playing a pivotal role that requires them to think and operate outside their normal silos such as health, criminal justice and local government and rebuild services around place, people and the local economy.

Breaking Barriers Innovations has selected four frontline areas in which place-based transformation is making the greatest headway: health and social care, criminal justice, housing and infrastructure, and skills, employment, and growth.

Inclusion Leadership

CIE staff developed the leadership toolkit, known as IncLeaD (Inclusion Leadership for Diversity) for NHS leaders who are seeing to make inclusion a more substantial part of their service delivery and development. Although developed for the NHS the toolkit has wider value to any leaders seeking to increase their skills and competence for inclusion. 

Organisations our staff have worked with

to effect lasting change